Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mike Slive has SEC coaches shaking in their boots

The SEC's new smiley-face policy on criticizing officials has been taken out for an early test drive by Florida coach Urban Meyer, a move that can be clearly defined as "taking one for the team."

With most of the college-football world lining up against his star linebacker -- and Crest High grad -- Brandon Spikes for his attempted eye-gouge on Georgia runner Washaun Ealey, Meyer fired back. He says the zebes missed a blatant late hit earlier in the game on Gator quarterback Tim Tebow (and anybody who saw the play knows a flag could easily have been thrown.)

Meyer's comments, though, seem to violate Slive's ban on bashing refs. Will the commissioner throw a flag?

In the meantime, this is just what the rest of us need. The defending national champions shooting up with a late-season dose of "Us against the world."


Anonymous said...

If no "flag is thrown" then that is what will make what Meyers said an issue.....and some what disturbing.

Anonymous said...

He didnt get the nickname Urban Cryer for nuttin

Anonymous said...

Of all the self-development tools available these days, Urban had to go and join the Lane Kiffin School of Public Speaking. What a shame.