Wednesday, January 20, 2010

About that Tim Tebow TV ad

It's looking like the ad created by the nonprofit Christian group Focus on the Family and featuring Tebow and his mother, Pam, will appear during the Feb. 7 Super Bowl. MediaDailyNews is reporting that CBS has approved the script and will likely give final approval after it sees the video version.

It's expected that the ad will carry a pro-life message and will recount how Pam Tebow refused to have an abortion when she fell ill during a mission trip to the Philippines in 1987. (You can read more about that episode in this story from the Gainesville Sun.)

Theme: "Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life."
Length: 30 seconds.
Cost: Estimated at $2.5 to $3 million.
Paid for by: A private group of about a dozen donors, and not from the organization's general fund.

"So far Tim Tebow's own personal charisma has served to mask some of the intolerance associated with his own religious beliefs. By taking an avowed stand against abortion on the same day America celebrates the greatest sporting day on the calendar, Tim Tebow is taking a huge risk and stepping into a new arena." -- Clay Travis, FanHouse

"For a guy entering the pros, Tebow cannot be aligning himself with groups that exist on the fringes of American politics." -- mlmintampa, Alligator Army


Anonymous said...

Can't they just run the video of him weaping on the sidelines again?? That would be WAAAAAYYY more entertaining!!

Charlie - Hickory said...

What is wrong with Tim and his positive message? Please tell me who is this fringe group that someone spoke of? I am excited for Tim and his mom and the message they will share. In these days when all we see are players and coaches making nothing but terrible headlines, this is refreshing to say the least. And as a Christian I am happy to see the anti-abortion message being played out.

Bud said...

I hate to see the SEC Expats blog start kicking the political football around instead of the "prolate spheroid" (look it up). I for one refuse to get dragged into the abortion debate in this forum. But I do agree that Timmy's boohoo video makes more sense than the pro-life video for the Super Bowl. I mean, let's face it, the national championship game was played in Atlanta in December, not Pasadena in January, and Timmy's tears said it all.

Anonymous said...

Like bigdawg, I hate to argue politics here, but I do want to point out a couple things.

Clay Travis and the alligator army cat are obviously good at using extreme (if not accurate) words. Anti-abortion is not the fringe as alligator person thinks; I believe it's about 50/50 on each side of the debate, so I object to the use of that word to describe one of the 2 positions.

I really object to Travis' use of the word "intolerance." I hate when people slap the "intolerant" label onto anyone who dares disagrees with them. Why in the world can't we disagree without vicious name-calling? There are plenty of religions out there that I disagree with. That does not make me intolerant, it means I disagree with them. Nothing more.

Matt Privett said...

"Focus on the Family" and the pro-life movement in general are hardly on the fringes of American politics. I hope that CBS keeps the ad even after they see the video. It would be a shame for a commercial with a positive message to be scrapped when so many other commercials are lewd, vulgar, and emphasize materialism.

R. Trentham Roberts said...

I didn't post it with the idea of tossing around that particular political football. It was more just to make mention of it. In a way, religion has been part of Tebow's football identity, and he's getting ready to put out his message on a scale that even he hasn't seen before.

(Plus, I just couldn't bear to post another Lane Kiffin item.)

Bud said...

Kiffin and Tebow do have one thing in common. They have both finished their last year in the SEC and are both gone. Hopefully for good. (Sorry about my editorial comment -- the Devil must have made me say it.)

Anonymous said...

Tebow has been nothing but a good citizen his whole career at Florida and has honored his commitment to Christ through it all. I personally think he should be applauded for stating what he believes and standing up for his beliefs. If you don't agree with them -- that's your issue. If you didn't like him because he was a winner on a winning team -- again your issue. And if you didn't like him just because you are a Gator hater - well you will always be GATOR BAIT and that is just life. Stop knocking Tim just because you don't think like he does -- we are in the Bible Belt and many of us do agree with his beliefs.

Thanks Tim for being a great witness and a GREAT GATOR!!!

Bud said...

I'm just glad he's gone. As far as being a Gator hater, the day I decided to go to Georgia was the day I became a Gator hater.

Robby S said...

"Focus on the Family" is by no means a "fringe political group." And if you look at the links above, you see that being pro-life (aka "anti-abortion") is not the skewed belief that it once was. Life at all stages is valuable.

Tim Tebow beat my team for the past number of years. But I appreciate his message and standing up for his beliefs even at the cost of great personal risk to his sports future by those too myopic to link his sports skills with his faith.