Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lane, we hardly knew ye, but that was quite enough

A hot wife will only take you so far in this life . . .

Now, USC fans will learn what Al Davis and Urban Meyer and Nick Saban and millions of SEC fans have learned. There's something not quite right about Lane Kiffin. Unfortunately for the Tennessee contingent, they were the last to realize the extent of the pathologies.

The ExPats and their 2.5 regular readers will have more on this in the coming hours. But here's the take from Jess Nicholas (editor of and a childhood bud of our own Courtney St. Onge). It may not be the most sympathetic eulogy for the Kiffikins' Era in Knoxville, but it will do.


Anonymous said...

Mike Leach's name should probably be in the mix as well.

Anonymous said...

The best thing about this whole fiasco...from the perspective of the SEC fan at that Kiffin's going to USC, which has one of the most obnoxious, whiny, and mean-spirited fan bases in the nation.

I loved living out there and have a deep love for CA now, but no love lost for USC. When we went to the AU-USC game at the Coliseum in 2002, the USC "fans" were as thuggish as they possibly could be, even taunting well-behaved AU fans as they crossed campus to the parking lots away from the stadium.

That's not to say obnoxiousness doesn't happen in the SEC, but the sense of entitlement isn't as rampant and omnipresent in SEC fans as it is with those associated with the "university of spoiled children."

They'll get what they deserve with Kiffin; of that, I have no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Very scathing article. Doesn't assist my long-held belief that no 'Bama guy is bright enough to write such intelligent, thought-provoking stuff.

I would love to see Leech get the gig. His offense would never work in the SEC, because just about every school in the SEC has enough speed on defense to keep up with it. Before long UT would replace Vandy at the bottom of the SEC East.

And let's not count out Auburn's good recruiters in the race to plunder UT's class. 'Bama's not going to get all of them.

Michael said...
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Michael said...


The author's skill clearly results from him being raised in LA (lower Alabama) -- an Auburn part of the state.