Thursday, January 14, 2010

UT watch: Day 2

Now that everyone's had time to take a deep breath (meaning that all the Lane Kiffin piñatas have met their fate), here's some early morning reading:

* The Wall Street Journal crunches the numbers on what happens to football programs after a coach makes a quick exit. (Hint: It ain't pretty.)

* The L.A. Times has more on Ed Orgeron calling players.

* While Tennessee legislators give a big fat "No" to their annual resolution honoring the UT coach, the governor calls L'affaire de Lane a "blip on the radar."

* The Denver Post talks to Air Force coach Troy Calhoun, whose name is starting to bubble up.

* Michael Ventre of looks at what Kiffin brings to the USC table -- and sees plenty of positives.

* Andrea Adelson at the Orlando Sentinel dissects the eerie similarities between Kiffin and Palin.

* The Facebook fan page "Our Coach's Wife is Hotter Than Your Coach's Wife" is not hearing as much love at the moment.

* Naturally, the song parodies are coming fast and furious. Give a listen to "The Ballad of Lane Clampett," "Jump on the Lame Train" and "Runaway Lane."