Thursday, January 21, 2010

The big cat in the hat

Coveted offensive lineman Eric Mack of Calhoun County, S.C., has said he will sign with Auburn after deciding against South Carolina. (Read more here and here.) Florida had also been in the hunt.

For Auburn fans, this brings to a satisfying conclusion the Mystery of the Visible Visor, in which recruitniks scrambled to divine Mack's intentions after he was spotted wearing AU headgear (above) at a high school all-star game in Florida earlier this month.


Anonymous said...

fat albert can go where he wants

Michael said...

This is an odd one. An S.C. kid at a need position, and the Carolina coaches act like "Good Riddance."

What's the deal here, Gamecock fans?

Anonymous said...

Anon - who's your school? I'll be hoping that it's one on our schedule, so Mack can run over your school's D-line.

This seemed to be a foregone conclusion, but didn't want to get my hopes too high. I'm looking forward to seeing him neutralize some members of a D-line that wear that ugly crimson uniform.