Thursday, January 14, 2010

"The suspense is terrible. I hope it will last."

Oscar Wilde (and later, Willy Wonka) had it right.

Air Force coach Troy Calhoun has called a team meeting in a few hours' time. Rumors abound. Stay tuned.

Update, 3:30: Calhoun's staying.

Update, 5:45: Now we're on the Cutcliffe Watch.


Anonymous said...

This sums it all up:

UNC-CH fans understand they don't just pull for the basketball team, it isn't a sport but a way of life that non-UNC-CH fans just don't get. That's OK, it's always lonely at the top, we will just continue to step over the yapping little dogs that are the rest of you. We are no more defined in total by winning it all last year than we are by this year. The tradition of excellence in all things UNC-CH, sports, academics, quality of life, exceeds all other choices. Before us, you are all just slugs in the sun.

Peter from Georgia said...

You and the other way of lifers better check the soles of your feet because there is something on there other than tar after last night's game. A hint: it ain't slug juice.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:08 - I think you're on the wrong blog. This is the blog for fans of real football - SEC football. As a Tar Heel, you'll get no love here, no matter what sport you babble about. And when was the last time UNC-CH football stepped over anything? Oh, yeah, 30 years ago when LT was there.

Go join all the other ACC schools at the kiddie table and eat your turkey on the paper plate with the clown face on it.