Monday, January 11, 2010

The play that drove ol' Texas down . . .

Excellent breakdown on a Texas board of the speed option left call that led to Colt McCoy's injury.

The verdict: Less than stellar blocking, but a bad read by Colt McCoy, who apparently has never run this play very well.

So why call it? While you mull, mash here.



Peter from Georgia said...

It appeared to me that McCoy didn't look very comfortable running the play and this credible analysis explains his uncertainty.

Bud said...

First Coach Saban lost his mind. Then Coach Brown lost his QB. The first loss seemed to be temporary but the second one was permanent. I haven't heard much discussion of the truly insane call that Saban made on his first series going for it on 4th down from his own 20. It made no sense. Everything to lose and little to win even if he had made it. He's fortunate that his defense rose to the occasion and that Texas' whole offense went down the tube with McCoy a few plays later.