Tuesday, January 26, 2010

MSU recruiting: Pony yes, rented mule no

Just now getting to the goings-on in and around Starkville (UA, UF and UT have sucked all the air and ink out of the room of late; see new poll at right), but anyways ...

* Three recruits recently availed themselves of a "establishment deemed impermissible" -- meaning a strip club just across the county line -- and then made mention of it on Facebook, which SI's Andy Staples concludes is not a good idea.

* Great quote from father of QB Cam Newton, who decided on Auburn after leaning toward MSU, on the disparity in the two schools' overall talent: "I didn't want him to be a rented mule."


Anonymous said...

Mr. Newton is wrong. Going to Alabama, not MSU, would have made him a "rented mule," even if Alabama has won 36 national championships.

WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!