Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hate Kiffin, help Haiti

Marketing genius at work.

-- Tommy


704Champ said...

I'm pretty sure she meant to say Haiti and not Hades

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Zeus or Cronos will actually where the Hats when they arrives in Hades?

Anonymous said...

What an awesome idea!!!!!!!!!! If I had any I would send them!

Curtis Watkins said...

Wow. The "little children in Hades". Sounds pretty evil.

Anonymous said...

Classy. There are reports there could be half a million people dead down there (in Hades?) and this woman wants to send them t-shirts now? Way to trivialize the whole disaster by sending them tacky castoff orange crapwear. There can't be 2 media stories any further apart in the grand scheme of life than idiotic UT fans and coaches, and the earthquake. What a freaking culture we live in.

Anonymous said...

This sums it all up:

UNC-CH fans understand they don't just pull for the basketball team, it isn't a sport but a way of life that non-UNC-CH fans just don't get. That's OK, it's always lonely at the top, we will just continue to step over the yapping little dogs that are the rest of you. We are no more defined in total by winning it all last year than we are by this year. The tradition of excellence in all things UNC-CH, sports, academics, quality of life, exceeds all other choices. Before us, you are all just slugs in the sun.

Michael said...

To: Anon 11:04
From: Slugs in the sun

Of all things excellent at Chapel Hill, reading comprehension apparently isn't one of them.

Come back when you can understand this sentence: An SEC football blog focuses on SEC football. Take your time. Learn it well. We'll be here when you've caught up.