Wednesday, January 6, 2010

'If boosters stop donating to football, they will not start donating to classics departments.'

George Will weighs in on the business of the college game. Go here for the story.


Anonymous said...

Since all we do is link to other stories on this blog without publishing original content, why don't you just go here,, or here, It's more efficient.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:03 - you must have just started reading this blog this week. There's been plenty of original stuff here. It's not going to be much fun the next few months as MG crows about 'Bama's "13th national championship," but there will be plenty of original stuff to read. As an Auburn guy, I promise to fill the comments section with as much new material talking trash about 'Bama as I can. :-))

Anonymous said...

It is very hard for an Auburn guy to give any 'Bama guy any credit, but that Bear Bryant line is funny. Probably because it's true.

And on the broader subject of sports in general and money, I have always wondered why athletes are trashed more than anyone else for big salaries (with the exception of the 2009 outrage over banking executives' pay). People go ape crap when a baseball player signs for $20 mill a year, or when Julius Peppers gets $1 mill a game. But nobody is complaining about Adam Sandler, who gets $25 mill a movie - and he hasn't made a decent movie since The Waterboy. No one complains about the massive amounts of money the top musical acts get, except to complain when they show up to an awards show in a car with $20k rims.

And back to college sports... Everyone complains about the head coaches' salaries and the size of the athletic department budget. But no one really complains about the 1,000-year-old tenured professors who don't really teach anything and never make themselves available to the students (everyone had one of those cats during their college careers).

It just seems to me that athletes are singled out for something they're not along in being involved with.

Michael said...

Hey J:

I could tell a few jokes, do my Elvis impersonation, a couple of magic tricks . . . Hell, even Tomlinson and St. Onge may agree to write something.

Long time before signing day. We'll think of something.

Oh yeah, I forgot. Can anyone tell me the score of Thursday night's game?