Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Puttin' on the Ritz with a Roll Tide

A quick note about the social festivities leading up to Thursday night's game.

First off, Charlotte's Alabama alumni group is holding a "Hook 'Em and Cook 'Em BBQ" at Mac's in Steele Creek on Wednesday. The gathering was initially slated for Mac's on South Boulevard. But Bama chapter president Chad Champion (Class of '93) says so many crimson carnivores have signed up that the Bevo picking had to be moved to Mac's bigger venue at 2414 Sandy Porter Road. Cost is $12 per, and Mark Packer will be holding forth.

The RSVPs ended Sunday. But if you want to go, and as an SEC Expats insider's special, call Shanna Jarvis at 704-516-4573, or e-mail her at shanna_jarvis@hotmail.com and she'll find a way to squeeze you in.

Thursday night, the alums will gather to watch the game at Bailey's Sports Grille, 8500 Pineville-Matthews Road. A crimson mob is expected, so Champion suggests an early arrival for a good seat.

As to Champion . . . interesting name, and he graduated the year of Alabama's 12th and last national title, the Sugar Bowl shellacking that put the Miami program in a 17-year coma. (Some limited brain activity was detected this season at the U, but the prospects for recovery remain guarded.)

His call on Thursday's game: A 7- to 10-point ballgame, if things go according to plan.

Key word: If. I'll take one point.

-- MG


Anonymous said...

It's good to know all the rats in the city will be in one place, making the rest of town more pleasant for the rest of us.

Hook 'em Horns!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

12 National Championships? If every school used that standard there would be 5 or six winners every year.

SECfan said...


Title by title break down of the myth...let the readers decide

Michael said...

Blah, blah, blah, blah. Cut it anyway you want, y'all, Alabama still has almost as many NCs as the rest of the SEC combined.

The Rats send their regards, J. But did you clear it with Texas before you used their slogan? Those people can be pretty picky.