Saturday, January 9, 2010

Insert your own joke here

The championship trophy hoisted by the Crimson Tide will be on display today at a Walmart in Tuscaloosa and then Sunday at one in Gardendale.


Michael said...

My joke: 37-21.

Besides, Dreamland couldn't handle the crowd.

SECfan said...

Does this year count as 1 or 2 national championships by Bama standards? The AP and BCS both had them finishing #1.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the trophy is going to be put within arm's reach of the 'Bama fans highest on the economic ladder.

Maybe next week they can display it at some fine gentleman's club, with a banner above it saying, "What Mike Price could have had."

Michael said...

Say SECfan: One will do.

J, to quote Price: It's rolling, baby, it's rolling.
The rest of you just step aside.