Sunday, January 3, 2010

For the record: SEC 5, ACC 4

SEC wins in '09:

Alabama over Virginia Tech, South Carolina over N.C. State, Florida over Florida State, Georgia over Georgia Tech, South Carolina over Clemson.

ACC wins:
Georgia Tech over Mississippi State, Georgia Tech over Vanderbilt, Virginia Tech over Tennessee (bowl), Clemson over Kentucky (bowl).

Looking ahead to '10:
Alabama-Duke, Auburn-Clemson, LSU-North Carolina, Florida-Florida State, Georgia-Georgia Tech, South Carolina-Clemson, Vanderbilt-Wake Forest.


Anonymous said...

'Bama has Duke and Georgia State on the schedule? Talk about a killer schedule!

Of course Clempson, with no CJ Spiller, is just as much of a cupcake. Add them to UT-Chattanooga, UL-Monroe and Arkansas St, and I have little room to talk....