Friday, September 4, 2009

A bit of opening-day worry....

Washington - good apples, bad football.

LSU's opening-game opponent Saturday is coming off an 0-12 season, the worst in school history. The Huskies also have a new coach - Steve Sarkisian, formerly Southern California’s offensive coordinator.

You say lopsided, right?

Not so fast.

LSU was 8-5 last season, including 3-5 in SEC games. That's bad among Tiger faithful, so there's concern. Also, LSU is traveling the 2,500 or so miles to Seattle....more distractions.

Plus, the Tigers have a quarterback (Jordan Jefferson) who didn't play much last season.

The defense wasn't a strong point last season.

I got worries....but I'll stay up late Saturday (10:30 p.m. start), and hopefully ring in the new season in a sweet way.

LSU 43, Washington 7

-- Cliff Mehrtens


Adam West said...

Don't worry mon ami. And the LSU faithful gather at Providence Road Sundries. Geaux Tiga's!

Anonymous said...

You go on and on about how worried you are about possibly losing to a glorified high school team, then you predict a 43-7 win? LSU people - don't know how to spell, and can't make up their minds, either.

I love to run my mouth, even when Auburn has a rotten team, like they do this year. But we'll get off on the right foot. Auburn 17, La. Tech 14.


Anonymous said...

Run your mouth LOSER, we can spell and we do make up our minds when we kick the you know what out of your War Eagles or whatever they call themselves, there is only one true TIGER team in the SEC and everyone knows who it is!!!!

Here is how I spell..GEAUX TIGAHS!!!

Anonymous said...

So the LSU guy only picks the LSU game? What's up with that?

Michael Gordon said...

The LSU guy on the blog is the cautious type . . . Given the way his team played Saturday night, he had reason to be.