Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You can't spell Butt-whoopin' without UT

Before we start the bidding on the margin of victory in the Vols-Gator altar call Saturday, a couple of factors to weigh (and we'll channel the great Vol broadcaster John Ward to help) . . .

1. Urban Meyer's manhood -- at least his honesty -- has been challenged. It takes moxie or dementia to call out a coach who's won two national championships in the 15 minutes he's been on the job at Gainesville. Throw in the fact that Meyer can detect animus in a falling leaf, and he should have no problem getting lathered up over the spewing that rolled off Rocky Talk earlier this year. Make no mistake, the Gators view this as nothing short of a crusade, with nothing less than the total annihilation of the Invading Infidels an acceptable outcome.
The Ward Factor: Give them 17!

2. As much as Lane Kiffin's mouth has put a bullseye on his posterior, it has also given his team its only fragment of a psychological edge. Word out of Knoxville is even Smokey has raised his leg on the Vols' chances. Yet, there's a certain liberation in certain ruin. Tennessee will fight hard. How long? Well, that will be an early referendum on whether their coaching staff is clueless as well as shirtless. The Ward Factor: Touchdown, Tennessee!

3. Florida is deeper, faster, more talented, angrier and will again play at home. (Only Mickey Mouse plays host in the Sunshine State more often) Yet, the gap at quarterback is the Gators' biggest advantage. Tebow vs. Crompton is the most outlandish mismatch since Vesuvius vs. Pompeii. It will be interesting to see how many Tennessee players get back on the bus, and how many are encased in lava and sent to a Gainesville museum for immediate display. The Ward Factor: Give them 31.

Add them up: Florida, 48-7.


Tuesdy said...

I'm a Tennessee fan and would like to point out two things. One, John Ward is just "great". He is not "late" (he's still alive). Second, are you sure that Florida won't hang 63 on Crompton and Co.?

Anonymous said...

lane kiffen is a punk. down with him.

Bigdawg said...

In 2007 GA beat FL 42-30 and included in that win was the delightful or abhorrent (depending on your affiliation) end zone celebration by the Dawgs. Over the next 12 months Meyer had the celebration photos up all over his locker room and even had the players doing 42 pushups at a time to remind them of the 42 points GA scored. The next year they beat us 49-10. I'm glad to see that Coach Kiffin's comments have redirected the Gator vengeance away from the Dawgs and onto his own TN Vols this time around. I would not take the Vols and 29 points in this one.

Anonymous said...

Well Tuesdy Florida won't put up 60 but they will beat the snot of UT

Bonnie Kunkel said...

It will be fun to see Florida crush the Volunteers. We will celebrate each and every touchdown as heartily as if it were the first. It doesn't matter how much we're winning by at the time.

But don't worry, Bigdawg.. Florida always has some vengeance left over for the GA game.