Thursday, September 3, 2009

USC-NC State: Who ya got?

South Carolina and N.C. State kick off the college football season -- and, more important, the SEC season -- tonight at 7. Here, now, our picks.

Michael Gordon: The ACC could beat the SEC 90 straight and would still be an inferior league. That objective comment aside, for tonight's game, I like State's coach a lot more than I like Carolina's, and Russell Wilson gives the Pack something Spurrier has lacked for more than a decade -- a killer QB. That gives The Visor a 10-year head start on Charlie Weis for the most overrated genius of the new millenium. Chickens make a nice late-night meal. State, 28-17.

Cliff Mehrtens: N.C. State wins, let's say, 27-13. Not much time for analysis, especially for this warm-up game between lower-echelon (codeword) teams....gotta clear time and sofa space for the LSU at Washington game Saturday night.

R. Trentham Roberts: It's not about the quarterback. Except when it is. SC has made a habit
the last couple of seasons of starting fast and then flaming out.
They'll need to take a new route to 6 wins this year. Pack, 28-19.

Courtney St. Onge: Unconvinced by the Russell Wilson hype. If he were that good, he'd be at a football school. S.C. wins 27-24.

Peter St. Onge: Over/under on number of times Spurrier's face folds into that Danny-could've-made-that-throw grimace: 6. In the first half. N.C. State, 24-20.

Tommy Tomlinson: N.C. State appears to be a 5-point favorite (FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY) in tonight's game. Excuse me, but didn't South Carolina win 34-0 last year? And doesn't South Carolina still have Spurrier (albeit Spurrier 2.0 -- The Tired Years) on the sideline? And isn't it true that South Carolina has a starting tight end who is also the son of a newspaper columnist? (Newspaper columnists are not known for their breathtaking athletic ability. Although we rule at shuffleboard.)

Yet another occasion when ACC hype meets SEC reality. One day, they'll learn. South Carolina, 28-17.

Coming tomorrow: Predictions for the weekend games. Who ya got?


Observer Sports said...

Hey all,

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Anonymous said...

ACC hype meets SEC reality? The Gamecocks are an embarrassment to the SEC. That's a reality check. Why don't you try winning some this year instead of it blowing up in your face mid-season? Jesus, you lost to Clemson who had a new coach mid-season and got ripped apart by Alabama for an opener that they they were supposed to win. South Carolina should have one that easily. NC State 27-14.

Anonymous said...

Yall need to stop calling the Gamecocks 'Carolina'. I'm an NC State grad and I still believe there is only one 'Carolina', and they don't go by Gamecocks. Although I can garauntee that both 'Carolina's' will not be feeding at the post season feast. GO PACK! NCSU 28-17

Anonymous said...

State 27 Cocks 13. ACC hype??? Vandy, South Carolina, Kentucky. How's that for SEC Reality?
Courtney St. Onge= Hater.

704Champ said...

Wolfpack: 24
Gamecocks: 13



Is it too much to ask that God open up the ground and swallow up both of these teams? I think not. Neither one would be missed in Charlotte. Both NCSU and USC are afterthoughts outside of their respective college towns. WHO CARES????

Anonymous said...

USC wins by 10.

Also, your "SEC" columnists are morons.

I would imagine not many people in Charlotte care about LSU or some of the other teams these "writers" represent.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is that NC State's quarterback is good, but only that. USC (yes the first and true USC) will abuse him. South Carolina (the true Carolina) will start their season off the right way this evening and blast the Poo-Pack's rear end. Tail's between their legs they will run back to the triangle.

USC 20 - 7 NCSU

704Champ said...

Last year was a fluke; South Carolina was up 10-0 late in the 3rd quarter, then they finally started to pull away.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if the Wolfpack win tonight, that will make it 5 of the last 6 in the series that NCSU has won...or will that make it 6 of the last 7?

I don't mind smack talking like Anon2:36PM. What I do mind is morons like STATE-N-USC-BOTHSUCK. He comes in and says "who cares" but he clearly cares enough to post a comment.

And he (she?) also shows how much he doesn't care about football (probably a UNC fan). ITS FREAKING OPENING DAY FOR COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!! HOW CAN YOU NOT GET EXCITED EVEN IF YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT EITHER OF THESE TEAMS?!?! I guess you can if you're a Tar Heel fan. You guys don't care about anything but basketball and womens' soccer.

Anonymous said...

courtney st onge is dumbbbbbbbb sorryyy! did she really bring up the 34-0 score from last year? if i recall when wilson go hurt in the second quarter it was a tie game at 0-0. stfu courtney and learn some sports

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 3:07:

Courtney St. Onge never mentioned 34-0.

Anonymous said...

We eat our mascot. (So do State fans but ours tastes better.)

I have no idea how this ends up - I expect a close game with both D's outshining both O's. Go Cocks!

Anonymous said...

My Dad went to State and I grew up a State fan. However, I went to Georgia where I was introduced to college football as an all-consuming religion. I did miss tobacco road when it came basketball season, but never looked back when it came to football. That being said, I like the Wolfpack in tonight's game.

But my real reason for chiming in was my disappointment to learn that just about the entire country will get to watch #13 Georgia vs. #9 Oklahoma State at 3:30 on Saturday while those of us here in North Carolina get to watch the thriller, Baylor vs. Wake Forest. No disrespect to Wake Forest. They've become competitive in recent years, but thats a 12:00 Jefferson Pilot/Raycom Sports game if there ever was one.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Pack, there is only ONE CAROLINA when it comes to college FOOTBALL= USC! The 'Cocks make the Pack eat some crow tonight, to all the nay-sayers: USC-24 Pack 14 Gooo COCKS! FIGHT!

Observer Sports said...

Good Lord! We had NO idea UGA-OKSt wouldn't be on here... couldn't even have fathomed it. But it looks like you're right. We WILL be ranting about this.

-- Tommy T.

Anonymous said...

Question - How do you spell unrealstic expectations? Answer- NC STATE! Every year the Wolfpack is destined to become National Champions, until the first game ends and then reality sets in. Lets hope the old call coach has another good game in him!

Drew Deal said...

people are forgetting that USC has faced far better QB's than Russel Wilson - he's good, but not great... USC 24 NC State 13

704Champ said...

"How do you spell unrealstic expectations? Answer- NC STATE! Every year the Wolfpack is destined to become National Champions, until the first game ends and then reality sets in"

Thats just described South Carolina to a tee...what exactly has South Carolina ever won in any sport? At least State has some basketball championships (albeit back in the 70s and 80s). What has South Carolina ever won? NOTHING!

GoPack said...

This has blowout written all over it. NC State 31 - Gamecocks 13

704Champ said...

All jokes aside though, I think this will be a competitive game that doesn't get decided until late in the 4th quarter. I see a single digit win by either team. I certainly hope its the Wolfpack, but who knows. Spurrier is 18-1 in season openers, thats a pretty good mark.

But this NC State team is much improved compared to the team that the Gamecocks faced last season. Wilson has his first year of college football under his belt and also the home crowd advantage.

Lets hope for a competitive game with no injuries for either team. GO PACK!

Anonymous said...

To all ACC fans - remember this joke from a few years back?

Q: What would happen if an ACC team moved to the SEC?
A: See South Carolina.

A barely-able-to-qualify SEC team against an ACC team... ideally, it would end in a 0-0 tie. But with OT rules in place, I'll take NC State 7-0.