Thursday, September 17, 2009

How to while away your working hours

Go to MapGameDay.Com (click here) and give your inner geek some elbow room. 

If you have Google Earth installed on your computer, you can take 3-D tours of college stadiums. (And, yes, Boise State's field is just that blue, even from space.)

So plant yourself in The Grove at Ole Miss (it's empty at the moment) and make your way to the stadium, just like the Rebels do on gameday.

Walk through the shadows of the Valley of Death at LSU. Add some music by the Golden Band from Tigerland -- you can find an assortment of fight songs here -- and it's just like being there on a steamy Saturday night. Except that you're sitting all alone in your cubicle, pathetically reliving your glory days. (On the plus side, you're not bleeding from a little misunderstanding in the beer line and your date hasn't stormed off because you were eyeing her friend.)

And to answer a question frequently asked this week by UT fans: The site WILL let you jump from the railroad bridge into the Tennessee River and end it all anytime during the coming beatdown.