Thursday, September 24, 2009

Who ya got? (Ole Miss-South Carolina edition)

R. Trentham Roberts: Everybody finally gets a look at what Ole Miss is all about. Tough way to start SEC play for the Rebels -- short week, at Columbia, against a team with a much tougher schedule up to now. I know the Gamecocks will bring their game, I'm just wondering which game it will be -- the clampdown defense (a la N.C. State) or the hellzapoppin' points parade (see Georgia). Guessing it ends up somewhere in the middle. Ole Miss 21, South Carolina 20.

Tommy Tomlinson: You know Mr. Roberts created the post when it's the "Ole Miss-South Carolina edition" instead of the "South Carolina-Ole Miss edition." I want Ole Miss to be good -- it's always good for the SEC when one of the non-traditional powers makes a big run -- but fourth in the country? The fourth-best team in the country should be able to handle these Gamecocks with no problem. I think this is the game when the Rebels start to give off the whiff of fraud. USC 23, Ole Miss 17.

P.S. Point taken. Rebs couldn't breathe in that rarefied air -- rtr


lamecock said...

The chickens don't have a chance.

uscphil said...

Jevon Snead is gonna be eating more grass tonight than the Clemson cheerleaders. GO GAMECOCKS

Anonymous said...

I gotta pull for the Old Ball Coach in this one....go Gamecocks!

Bigdawg said...

You called it right, Tommy. How can the Rebels be 4th in the nation when they're 6th in the SEC (behind FL, GA, SC, Bama and LSU)?