Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Deciphering three weeks of football

Jess Nicholas, who provides the journalism for the Tidefans.com site, offers his thoughts on what the season has taught us so far. Plenty of SEC stuff, but some national context as well.

Some highlights:
The winner of Florida/Alabama is in line to play Texas for the national championship.

Auburn's schedule will catch up with them.

Is the Pro set DOA?

The Hogs' QB makes Arkansas perhaps the conference's most-dangerous opponent.

Florida is not clicking; Alabama has been the more impressive team.

And Layne Kiffin may be Mike Shula's evil twin.

Enjoy and tell us what you think.
Michael Gordon



Anonymous said...

LSU will 'step up' and Florida/Alabama will NOT be in line any longer as it just got longer. All three coaches have won the NCAA in the past decade. Should get very interesting.

Bigdawg said...

Florida is ranked # 1 in the nation, looks great on paper and beat TN by 10. End of story. They get no credit for beating Troy and Charleston Southern (where do they find these teams?). Bama is ranked 3rd and looked good beating ACC VA Tech by 10, but they get no credit for beating FL International(say what?)and North Texas State(ranked by Rivals as the worst team in Division 1). Ole Miss ranked 4th (!)is 2-0 but gets no credit for its 2 wins vs Memphis and Southeast Louisiana St. so they are still in preseason. Thursday night they play their first regular season game against battle-tested Carolina in Columbia. My Dawgs are 2-0 in the conference, have no problem scoring points, but seem to have a defective defense. For now I'm willing to let 'em stay under the radar.