Thursday, September 17, 2009

What's in a name...

I love the Cajun flavoring.

Not just on food, but on LSU’s football roster.

It’s comforting when I see the familiar names, the ones I grew up among. This year’s Tigers include Theriot, Domingue, Hebert (two of them), Francois and Alleman.

I read those names and instantly crave boiled crawfish, gumbo or jambalaya. Luckily, I married a woman who also grew up in New Orleans and is a wonderful chef, so the cravings don’t last long.

The flavoring will be even stronger Satuday when LSU plays Louisiana-Lafayette (the epicenter of Cajun land).
The school produced a quarterback named Delhomme (yep, that guy in Charlotte), and this year’s team includes Benoit, Desormeaux, Dupre, Falgout, Gautier, Guilbeaux, Leblanc, Ledet and Troullier.

Pass the hot sauce, mon cher !

The Cajun names remind me of a warm, proud, fun-loving people that are unique. Eat. Drink. Smile. Dance.

Even though my surname is German and doesn’t end in a sexy “eaux” sound, when you grow up in Louisiana, there’s always going to be a little Cajun flowing through you.

- Cliff Mehrtens


Anonymous said...

Too bad lsu is on the way down....