Monday, September 7, 2009

Welcome, Tennessee fans

Though we still lack an official correspondent, we've added a UT link on the blog roll and invite all Rocky Toppers to our little scrum. We do this for three reasons:

1. Just to be hospitable.
2. To recognize the powerhouse program that was and no doubt will be again.
3. To keep the Georgia-Alabama-Auburn contingent from dominating the online proceedings. (Say the acronym with me -- GAA!!)

So, again, welcome aboard. Best of luck against UCLA. And here's our pledge to you: We'll never say anything about Lane Kiffin that he wouldn't say about somebody else.

-- R. Trentham Roberts


Anonymous said...

I hope UCLA runs them into the ground. Tenn sucks as does their fans.

Sam Vimes said...

What was that first comment? Something like "blah, blah, blah?"

It look's like the Vols might just be back - time for my blood to run orange again. We'll know something in TWO weeks.

Go Vols!

Anonymous said...

I believe the first comment stated how much Tenn and their fans suck.

Quite simple actually.

Anonymous said...

College football is better when Tennessee is competitive. I am a Ohio State grad and huge Buckeye fan and have nothing but admiration for the SEC since you run circles around us anytime we play one of your schools. Something about Neyland Stadium at night with over 100,000 fans makes you appeciate how much more exciting college football is vs. the NFL.Plus, Rocky Top is a great fight song.

Bigdawg said...

I heard a story once about 2 guys - one who graduated from GA and one who graduated from TN. Both of them went on to make a lot of bad decisions in their lives and before long they both had criminal records. Eventually they were both convicted of capital crimes and ironically they were both sent to death row at the same prison and scheduled to die on the same day. The warden met with the 2 men on the day of the execution and told them they could each have one last wish. He turned to the TN grad first. The TN grad said "My last wish is that I be allowed to hear 'Rocky Top' one more time before I die." Then the warden turned to the GA grad. The GA grad said "My last wish is that you kill me before you play that song again."

Anonymous said...

I have to say...this SEC Expats site is totally worthless until you have a UT correspondent. Tennessee is, and always has been, the greatest team in the SEC. No other football experience can even compare. Neyland Stadium, Rocky Top, the Power T...simply amazing! GO VOLS!!!

Observer Sports said...

We at the blog can't wait for a UT scribe to join us. Some of us are pretty new at this and need an easy target.