Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SEC coaches: Any lifers out there?

Nine years in and going on 10, Georgia's Mark Richt is the dean of SEC coaches.  Here's the question: In this day and age of big money and bigger pressures, will we see any coaches stay for, say, 20 years or so?

Current coaches and their years on the job, along with each school's longest-tenured coach:

Georgia - Mark Richt, 9 years (Vince Dooley, 25 years)
Vanderbilt - Bobby Johnson, 8 (Dan McGugin, 30)
Kentucky - Rich Brooks, 7 (Fran Curci, 9)
Florida - Urban Meyer, 5 (Steve Spurrier, 12)
LSU - Les Miles, 5 (Charles McClendon, 18)
South Carolina - Steve Spurrier, 5 (Rex Enright, 15)
Alabama - Nick Saban, 3 (Bear Bryant, 25)
Arkansas - Bobby Petrino, 2 (Frank Broyles, 19)
Ole Miss - Houston Nutt, 2 (Johnny Vaught, 25)
Auburn - Gene Chizik, 1 (Shug Jordan, 25)
Mississippi State - Dan Mullen, 1 (Jackie Sherrill, 13)
Tennessee* - Lane Kiffin, 1 (Bob Neyland, 21)

* Note that Kiffin's two predecessors, Johnny Majors and Phil Fulmer, had the job for 16 and 17 years, respectively. If Kiffin manages a similar stint at the helm of the Volunteer Navy, that'll take him to the ripe old age of 50.


Anonymous said...

Richt will be a lifer

Anonymous said...

If you did this same post 1 year ago, Tommy Tuberville would have been second on the list.

It's hard to see anyone staying in one place more than a dozen years or so. Richt probably has the best shot at 20 years.

Here's a fun idea: Let's set an alarm and do this post again in 10 years, list each school's coaches in the 21st century, and count how many schools have Petrino on their list. :-)

Bonnie Kunkel said...

Hey, Anon..
It would be great to have Richt as a lifer.. though, Florida fans were pretty fond of Ray Goff too.