Friday, September 11, 2009

Mr. Two Bits

You'll find a lot of bragging and trash-talking on this blog, but with opening opponents like Charleston Southern and Troy, it seems useless to brag about Florida's performance thus far. There will be plenty of time for that later.

So, instead I'll brag that the University of Florida has the best cheerleader in the history of the SEC. Well, had anyway.

For 60 years, George Edmondson, Jr., better known as Mr. Two Bits, led Gator fans in his signature "Two Bits" cheer. He'd roam the stands, wearing a yellow button-down shirt, khaki pants and orange and blue striped tie. All of a sudden, he'd be sitting next to you - waiting for the play to end. Then, he'd hold up a sign announcing it was time for his cheer. Silence. Then hundreds of fans would scream "Two bits, four bits, six bits a dollar. All for the Gators stand up and holler!"

No one else in the world could command the full attention of rowdy Gator fans during a game. If Mr. Two Bits sat next to you once, it's something you probably still brag about to your friends (I know that I do).

Mr. Two Bits retired at the end of last season at the age of 86. At Gator games now, he and his wife take an elevator to their seats in the Champions Club. We miss you, Mr. Two Bits, but we're glad you're still cheering on the Gators.

Mr. Two Bits in action:

-- Bonnie Kunkel


Anonymous said...

Go Gators!!!

I remember watching Mr. Two Bits as a child at Gator games. He is definitely a Florida legend.

Anonymous said...

You mean y'all Gator folk actually celebrate the most lame and gay cheer of all time? I guess you get really bored during all thos 77-3 routs of lower-division opponents like The Citadel, Florida International and South Carolina. Wow!

Cliff Mehrtens said...

Good story.
Sadly, at LSU games, I've seen several THOUSAND fans who could go by "Mr. Two Quarts", or "Mr. Nineteen Beers", or "Hey Jerkwad, you just puked on my shoes"

Anonymous said...

Mr. Two Bits -- the Gators #1 Fan! You didn't mention his whistle!

Anonymous said...

It may be a lame cheer, but that's because he started it in 1949, and then it became a tradition. It's not like he picked it up when Urban took over.