Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In the words of a sore loser

Strong-willed, pompous, loud-mouthed coaches are nothing new to the SEC. In fact, I think those are some of Steve Spurrier's most endearing qualities (besides being an offensive genius and an outstandingly successful coach at Florida). I have no comment on his performance thus far at South Carolina. I like to forget he's at another SEC school, and thankfully due to the team's performance under his tutelage thus far, that's not too hard to do. 

But Tennessee's Lane Kiffin is just a dufus in my opinion. He has been shooting off his mouth since day one (literally) without any achievements upon which to stand. He falsely accused Coach Meyer of a recruiting violation. He also promised to beat Florida his first year as the Volunteers' head coach. And after he failed, he once again took a shot at Florida and coach Urban Meyer.

After the 23-13 win over Tennessee, Meyer said several of his players had been hit by the flu. The next day, when asked whether he was worried about the flu hitting Tennessee, Kiffin said: "I don't know. I guess we'll wait and after we're not excited about a performance, we'll tell you everybody was sick."

What a loser. 

The fact is, several Florida players were sick during Saturday's game. Meyer did not use it as an excuse for a poor performance. Florida WON. Sure, we didn't blow out Tennessee as we wanted to. But, WE WON. And Coach Meyer didn't even have to hire his daddy and other NFL lackeys to do it. 

Read the Associated Press article about Coach Kiffin's comments here.

- Bonnie Kunkel


Phillip said...

The fact that you said WE... proves it all. From an outside perspective, Urban Meyer is a jackass coach and lobbed the initial attack after the game by saying Tennessee's game plan was to lose.

Maybe, you should post the entire thing in context instead of the one part you feel helps your cause.

Abby, Normaled said...

Yes, Tennessee lost the game, but oddly enough Tennessee's stock went up while Florida's went down in the minds of many football fans and pundits. And the fact that this game (matching the #1 team in the country against an unranked team) got so much press in the week leading up to the tilt just goes to show what Kiffin is up to: Everyone is talking about Tennessee.

Kiffin *may* be a loser right now, but he knows exactly what he's doing.

--Carey in Charlotte (Roll Tide Roll!)

SECfan said...

You can't spell "WHINE FLUE" with out FU.

Urban Whiner started the exchange, he had the spin wagon rolling. He intended on crushing the Vols and couldn't so he started making excuses. He won on the field and he and Tebow deserve credit for that, but a storm is brewing in Gatorland. Kiffin took a team with less talent and the worse SEC Qb ever and exchanged punches with a stacked Florida team who will be less talented in the future. Tennessee's talent will soon be up with Florida's; Urban will bolt for ND and then its the Gators turn to cry and Slive won't be there for them to run to. (If you even know who that is Bonnie)

Anonymous said...

Bonnie, do you follow recruiting? Meyer comments were all geared toward recruiting. Which is an area Kiffin his kicking his arse in right now.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Kiffin had it coming. That's the first shot Coach Meyer has taken at Kiffin after ALL the negative comments Kiffin made. So, no, Meyer didn't lodge the initial attack, Kiffin did many months ago.

I find it hilarious when people call Urban Meyer a jackass. Do you fear successful people? No one ever calls losing coaches jackasses (Kiffin excluded because he, obviously, is a loud-mouthed moron), only the ones of successful teams. Mark Richt - no not a jackass but no national championships either. If being a jackass is what it takes to be successful, then stand tall Coach Meyer, you're one of the most successful jackasses around!

Anonymous said...

I think Lane Kiffin has a "stomach flu" of the mouth.

Bud said...

I agree with one of the Anonymouses above. Coach Meyer IS one of the most successful jackasses around. In addition he is holier than thou TN Vols fans, and much holier than us UGA rednecks. However, lest we forget the immortal words of Bob Dylan "for the loser now will be later to win" and "the first one now will later be last for the times they are a changin." And that's the way it is in the SEC. Gators, enjoy your glory, gather ye rosebuds while ye may, for your time of reckoning is coming.

Anonymous said...

What does Kiffin hiring a "bunch of NFL lackeys" have to do with his comments? And calling Monte Kiffin a lackey demonstrates your ignorance of football.

Why is no one mentioning Spurrier accusing Kiffin of cheating the day Kiffin's hiring was announced? Maybe because Kiffin didn't go run and tell his AD to call the SEC and make him stop picking on him. Instead Kiffin shot back at Spurrier. Maybe Urban shouldn't hide behind Slive's apron and have Jeremy Foley fight his battles for him.