Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Coaches vs. refs: Who's got next?

As expected, Mississippi State's Dan Mullen has been reprimanded by the SEC for his remarks about the replay official's capabilities in the MSU-Florida game.

Now comes word that Vanderbilt's Bobby Johnson isn't happy about a couple of replays in the Commodores' 14-10 loss to South Carolina. Great quote from Johnson: "I think I'd have to get in line to complain about that."

Click here to see the video of the iffy touchdown by South Carolina's D.L. Moore.

Click here for the story from the Tennessean (they've also added a poll where you can vote for the worst SEC call this year; we'll steal that idea once we get a few more entries to choose from).

P.S. The Pac-10 gets in on the Great Stripe Hunt. The league has suspended an official for not calling anything when Southern Cal's Taylor Mays grabbed the face mask of Oregon State's James Rodgers and pulled off his helmet after Rodgers' touchdown catch. Story here.


Anonymous said...

If Bama and Florida make it to the SEC Championship game undefeated, what will happen then with the officiating? Will that game end with zero penalities on either team or will they alternate where Bama gets the penalities in the 1st and 3rd quarters and Florida in the 2nd and 4th quarters?

Michael said...

Conspiracy theorists obviously didn't watch the South Carolina game.

If not for the endless parade of hankies on every punt and kickoff, Alabama would have won by three touchdowns. Did Alabama commit the penalties. Yeah, they did.

The discrepancy in flags in the Alabama/UT game seem out of whack. But somebody name me one that impacted the game. And read the rules before mentioning the helmet-removal incident.

All that aside, the SEC officiating has been embarrassing. The seminal moment for me was the ridiculous personal flag penalty in the Arkansas/Florida game. The flag was bad enough. But the replay shows an ancient, overweight official lumbering after the players like a Shriner who'd lost his scooter. That tells you all you need to know about the caliber of official attempting to control the caliber of athletes found in this conference.


Anonymous said...

Going from memory here so the point in the game may be off.

UA offsides on the 3rd down in the 1st quarter (UT failed to convert).

UT phantom offensive holding call in the 3rd quarter (moved UT out of field goal range).

UA uncalled pass interfernce on 3rd down in 3rd quarter (UT failed to convert).

Whether or not the unsportsmanlike penalty at the end of the game would have changed the outcome is IRRELEVANT. It's a penalty, call it. That's their job. Don't tell me the official knew that the penalty wouldn't have affected the outcome of the game and therefore he didn't call it.