Friday, October 9, 2009

Florida-LSU: Who ya got? (It's your turn to vote)

You should be seeing a poll off to the right.

In the spirit of SEC compliance with NCAA rules and regs, please try to vote no more than twice.

Three if you have to.


Bigdawg said...

What, only 6 votes for the Tigers so far? We're not picking the best team here, we're picking who's going to win. The home team has won the last 4 years. I'd take LSU and 6.5 in this one.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe there aren't more votes on thi sone. Remember, the United States will cease to exist if Tebow doesn't play. Tebow's status is more important than the fight against H1N1, the climate change debate, and the unemployment rate!!

R. Trentham Roberts said...

J, I think the blog is what one might call an acquired taste. Hence the low number of votes.