Friday, October 16, 2009

Who ya got? (Week 7)

Tommy Tomlinson:
I'd like to start today by mentioning that my Dawgs have accomplished something unprecedented in college football history: We turned Jonathan Crompton into the national player of the week.

Reggie Ball is really wishing he had an extra year of eligibility.

On to the picks:

South Carolina at Alabama: If they were playing in Columbia, I might roll the dice on an upset. But not in Tuscaloosa. So if Saban wins the national title this year, do they just deed the state to him and be done with it? Tide, 31-14.

Arkansas at Florida: If they were playing in Fayetteville... OK, not really. Gators, 38-10.

Georgia at Vanderbilt: Way too close for comfort. Dawgs, 33-28.

Kentucky at Auburn: If you have to slink home after a game on Saturday night, Kentucky is a great rebound date. Tigers, 45-14.

UAB at Ole Miss: At least there's SOMEBODY from Alabama that Ole Miss can beat. Rebels, 35-3.

Mississippi State at Middle Tennessee: How is this a road game for Mississippi State? Bulldogs, 23-14.

Michael Gordon:

South Carolina at Alabama: South Carolina's season is like the plot of a well-worn movie that ends badly, like "The Alamo." It starts well, but Davy Crockett always dies. Tide, 31-17.

Arkansas at Florida: Bama showed how to bring the hammer to Ryan Mallett. Et tu, Gay-Tor? Florida 35-14.

Georgia at Vanderbilt: The horror. The horror. Almost. Dawgs, 24-17.

Kentucky at Auburn: The SEC's most underrated smash-mouth offense will move the ball. Just not nearly enough. AU 35-17.

UAB at Ole Miss: Rebs back to playing somebody their own size. Ole Miss, 42-7.

Miss. State at Middle Tennessee: Throw away the record books for this one. Throw away your tickets, too. Bulldogs: 24-21 in OT.


Anonymous said...

The commenter who questioned why an SEC coach was being bashed on an SEC blog got me to thinking. We have talked a lot on this blog about how our own team or fellow SEC teams have been doing, but we haven’t spent much time on the other conferences. I think we should go there.

Much in the same way I call the state just to the west of Alabama “Misipi,” as the great comedian Jerry Clower used to pronounce it, I usually call that Midwestern conference with all the slow teams the “Big 11.” As long as there are 11 teams in the conference, that’s what I will call it. And will poke fun of them for not knowing how to count.

And what is it with the Big 12? They are so impressed with themselves, they call themselves the Big XII. Of course, there’s nothing big about XI or XII of the conference’s teams, especially the North division. Even a Spurrier-coached team could win that division. And the South division has lost some luster. There’s really only II relevant teams, Texas & Oklahoma – III if you count Oklahoma St, which you shouldn’t after their second game.

As for the ACC – what else is there to say? All the entries in the thesaurus for “bad” have already been used. Maybe South Carolina can get back in!

On to this week’s picks:

S. Carolina at ‘Bama – SC’s speed against ‘Bama’s bulk. In the end, ‘Bama has too many horses and will pull away late. Tom Sorenson writes on Sunday that Spurrier won at Duke, and that Spurrier likes him, and therefore the ‘Cocks will rise again. Whatever. The Evil Empire 31, Fightin’ Chickens 14

Georgia at Vanderbilt – I seem to remember Vandy winning a bowl game during my lifetime. Seems like centuries ago, though. UGA bounces back from UT debacle. Tomlinson taken off suicide watch. Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 27, Vandy 10

Misipi St at Middle Tennessee – the Who Cares Game of the Week. Misipi St 24, Mid Tenn 7

Ar-Kansas at Florida – A matchup of 2 of the easiest head coaches to hate. That’s a better debate than what will happen on the field. Florida 37, Ar-Kansas 21

UAB at Misipi – Snead will rack up so many stats against this porous defense that he will go into the Ar-Kansas game thinking he’s a quarterback. Misipi 49, UAB 14

Kentucky at Auburn – Even a defense as thin as Auburn’s should be able to effectively game-plan against a team that has only 1 legitimate football player. WAR EAGLE 35, Randall Cobb 24