Tuesday, October 13, 2009

CBS hearts the SEC

From http://www.secsports.com/:

CBS Sports’ season-to-date coverage of the "SEC ON CBS" has earned a national household rating/share of 3.8/9, up +36% from a 2.8/6 last year. This 3.8/9 is the highest season-to-date rating for college football at this point in the season on CBS Sports in 10 years since a 4.2/10 in 1999.

CBS Sports’ coverage of the "SEC ON CBS" on Saturday, Oct. 10, which saw No. 1 Florida defeat No. 4 LSU in prime time, earned a preliminary national rating/share of 6.1/11, up 61% from last year’s 3.8/7 (LSU at Florida, 10/11/08).

The Florida-LSU game scored the highest rating for a college football game on any broadcast network in the 2009 season and is CBS Sports’ highest rated college football game since the SEC Championship game (Alabama-Florida, 9.3/20 on 12/06/08.


Anonymous said...

What, you mean the SEC games are drawing more viewers than ACC or Big 11 games??? Oh, the humanity!!

This is the least surprising news of all time. Except to UNC fans who think their school has a legitimate football team....