Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Serial cheater, cheating again?

NCAA violations have come at a much quicker pace than national titles for our friends in Tuscaloosa - so much so that the NCAA has labeled Alabama a "serial repeat violator" in the wake of a textbook selling scandal.

Another hit to the reputation today: Steve Spurrier says Alabama may have cheated last Saturday by putting a piece of white tape on the ground during field goals to help mark where the ball is supposed to go. Spurrier was uncharacteristically diplomatic in wondering if what he thinks he saw was legal. It's not, according to the NCAA rulebook.

But maybe we should give the Alabama players the benefit of the doubt on this one. They might have sold their rulebooks, too.

Peter St. Onge

Brer Tiger gave me a heads up that he might be ruminating on the serial cheating theme.

Suffice to say the last 15 years have been a blight on Alabama's reputation.

Suffice also to say that Bama fans will sit for a lecture on ethics from the scions of Lowderville -- 7 major infractions in the last 50 years, topped off by the humiliating SACS reprimand of AU's corrupt and meddling board of trustees -- just as soon as we swan dive into a hog lagoon in pursuit of personal hygiene.

Keep it down home, cuz . . .


Anonymous said...

Ah, I love the free exchange of ideas! I especially love trash-talking from a fan of the school that hires a frequenter of strip clubs to be its head football coach. :-))

Observer Sports said...

J, if that were a deal-breaker for hiring coaches, the SEC, hands down, would be the best intramural league in the country.

As I said, the last 15 years have been largely eventful at Alabama for mostly the wrong reasons.

But this is a league teeming with shiny glass houses. Most SEC fans have long memories and good aim.