Monday, October 12, 2009

What We Learned -- Week 6

Tommy Tomlinson: I've never been a FIRE-THE-COACH! guy. Most of the time, the FIRE-THE-COACH! guy has the patience and judgment of a Vegas tourist after three cans of Red Bull. Good coaches have bad games, and sometimes a recruit doesn't pan out or a 18-year-old wide receiver drops the winning touchdown pass. These are nuances that escape the FIRE-THE-COACH! guy. Which is why I try not to be that guy.

Having said all that, I'm not sure how Georgia's defensive coordinator, Willie Martinez, can possibly keep his job.

My Dawgs lost 45-19 to Tennessee on Saturday. But actually it was worse than that. Our two TDs were a kickoff return and an interception return, and we blocked a punt out of the end zone for a safety. Offense vs. offense, the score was 45-3. But actually it was worse than that. The Tennessee QB who put up all those points was Jonathan Crompton, who had been so bad for two solid years that Vol fans were actively trying to infect him with swine flu. But actually it was worse than THAT. Crompton rolled up all those points on basically one play -- a bootleg pass that Georgia covered as if the play had just been invented that very day.

Georgia has lost by bigger margins. But based on quality of opponent, that's the worst Georgia loss I can remember. Florida, Auburn and Tech are still ahead. And I'm not sure we're a clear favorite this weekend against Vanderbilt.

Michael Gordon: That in the worst tradition of the Big 10 (Ohio State/Michigan) and the old Big 8 (Nebraska/Oklahoma), the SEC is again a two-team league. It should be clear, even to Auburn fans, that since Alabama and Florida are the country's two best teams, they might, sort of, kinda be expected to be near the top of the SEC, too. Let me know, War Eagles, if I'm moving too fast.

That Florida is beyond scary good. They walk into Death Valley, run the Pop-Warner version of their offense, and still blast LSU off the ball. Meanwhile, the Gator defense had Tiger QB Jordan Jefferson wearing a lost expression that was positively Jevanesque.

That Alabama can match Florida lick for lick, given the big ol' can of whoopin concentrate the Tide opened in Oxford on Saturday. It was such a thorough beating that HE WHO DOES NOT GUSH went positively Old Faithful over his team's performance in his post-game presser (Go to for the video).

The offense? Let's put it this way: Alabama lost to Florida a year ago because it ended too many drives with field goals. Bama will lose again if it can't get better around the goal line. Frankly, I think the playcalling Saturday was as suspect as the execution. Otherwise, we would have beaten the Rebs by 30.

And is it just me or does Julio Jones not look right?

Peter St. Onge: We learned that if you're not a great team, you can't overcome mental mistakes and unforced turnovers. (And, of course, that if you're making mental mistakes and unforced turnovers, you don't get to use the word "great," anyway.)

Auburn didn't lose because its innovative offense finally unraveled in the face of a fine SEC defense. That would've happened last week, against a far better Tennessee D. Auburn lost because it was flat. We began drives with penalties. We ended them with bad handoffs and poorly run routes. Our defense isn't deep or talented enough to overcome such deficiencies.

(We also learned this weekend that the Top 25 has it right with SEC teams at No. 1 and No. 2 - and it has the right order. Before Alabama fans can crow too much about superiority, they might want to figure out how to do more than get to Atlanta in December.)

Bonnie Kunkel: I learned that Florida can win a game with its defense. This is a new concept for the Gators. Our version of impressive wins often involves putting 50 points or so on the board. This time was different. It wasn't flashy but it was impressive none the less. 


J said...

OK, Gordon, I know that section on the SEC race was directed at me. That's to be expected after this weekend's events. Of course, I never said that 'Bama and Florida aren't the best teams in the conference (they are) or that they aren't the favorites in their divisions (they are). But neither team is perfect - mainly, I think they both have concerns on offense. I still don't think it's a 2-team league in the way the old Big 8 and Big 10 were. Yes, the odds are in favor of a UF-Bama rematch in Atlanta, but the Iron Bowl and UF-Fightin' Chickens games could prove extremely interesting.

Tomlinson - DUDE, COME DOWN OFF THE LEDGE! In case you didn't notice, Vandy lost to Army last week. You'll beat them by at least 20.

Observer Sports said...

J, AU/UA is, on its worst day, interesting. Given what Alabama could have riding this year, a trip to the Plains is plain scary.


Bigdawg said...

What I learned in Week 6, I didn't want to know. Yes we got Trouble.
Right here in Bulldawg City.
Trouble with a capital "T"
And that rhymes with "D" and that stands for defense! Which is not to say that we ain't got Trouble right there on offense too.

Best I can tell, just about every man, woman and child in the quasi-entity known as the Bulldawg Nation is up in arms. You know that succesful season we were encouraged to expect? Fuhgetaboutit! You know that outside shot at the SEC East title? Fuhgetaboutit! You know that abysmal defense from last year we were told had improved and the offensive line that was supposed to be Richt's best? Fuhgetaboutit!

So now what???? Your guess is as good as mine.