Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mississippi State at its finest

As we count down the days to the ritual viewing of the most storied moment in SEC history -- on this, the 50th anniversary of THE GREATEST PUNT RETURN ON A PAGAN-BASED HOLIDAY BY A HEISMAN-TROPHY-WINNER-ORTHODONTIST-COUNTERFEITER -- the  Expats are weighing in with history-making highlights from their schools.

Being a Mississippi State man, my list is short.

Number 2: December 1, 2003 -- Sylvester Croom is hired as the first black head coach in the SEC.

Number 1: December 6, 1941 -- MSU concludes its first and only conference-championship season with a 26-13 road win against San Francisco. Sensing a country in disarray, Japan attacks Pearl Harbor the next morning.

-- RTR


J said...

I'll compile a full list later, with dates and everything, but off the top of my head, my two Auburn favorites are "Punt, 'Bama, Punt!" after Auburn blocked 2 punts and returned both for TDs in the Iron Bowl (early '70s, can't remember off the top of my head the exact year), and the 2007 Iron Bowl, with a few seconds left, as the Auburn offensive lineman walked up to the line of scrimmage holding 6 fingers in the air, representing the 6-game Iron Bowl winning streak they were closing in on. MG - did that make anyone in your family puke, as a 'Bama TD made the St. Onge baby puke?

Michael said...

J, all I can say is I'm going to challenge your credentials as Auburn fan for your failure to know that Bob Newton to David Langer back to back was burned into my backside back in 1972.

Punt Bama Punt was the only regular season game Alabama lost in my four years on campus (our bowl record was another matter).

The six in a row were a mild skin rash compared to that one. Others suitable for Pepto Bismol: the '82, '86, '95 and '97 games.

Luckily, Joel St. Onge has grown up to be a strapping young lad. In retrospect, that upset stomach back in 2001 could have come from catching his own reflection dressed up in his little tiger suit.



J said...

Cut me some slack, old timer. I was 2 years old in 1972.

Maybe we can start another list - the "I wanted to puke" moments. Like the Gene Stallings hiring. I just knew that he was going to reverse the ineptitude of 'Bama during the Curry years. And of course he did, culminating in another all-time puke moment - the entire '92 season.