Sunday, October 18, 2009

What we learned from Week 7

*That Florida benefited from perhaps the two worst back-to-back flags in SEC history (somebody wearing a striped shirt should be fired, or at least tied to the back of a golf cart and dragged around the Arkansas stadium). But the Gators ultimately won the game because the Hogs' so-called offensive genius turned scared and conventional at just the wrong moment. Bobby Petrino had the country's No. 1 team by the neck late in the fourth quarter. He had the ball. He had the momentum. But he settled for a field goal try from a kid who had already missed once. Ironically, Alabama coach Mike Shula did the same thing -- repeatedly -- against Arkansas three years ago and his kicker kept missing. What's that expression about the definition of insanity? College kickers are not pro kickers. On Saturdays, there is nothing automatic about anything -- with one exception: An SEC official will do something inexplicable. Those fourth-quarter flags in Gainesville -- particularly the laughable roughing call against the Arkansas kid -- kept Florida in the game. Throw in the GA/LSU celebration hankies and collectors now have a full set of four decisions displaying extreme incompetence with games on the line. To order, call the SEC office at 1-800-FLAG-THIS!

*That the SEC has its own epidemic: Call it the QB Crud. From Todd to Garcia to McElroy to the Son of Man, most of the top signal-callers were at loose ends Saturday. McElroy was bad for the second straight week, but Alabama got by on defense and Mark Ingram, who went down the field by himself out of the Wildcat to score the fourth-quarter clincher. Unless the Tide can throw the ball better -- and the receivers have to do more to help McElroy out -- the games against Tennessee and LSU will be like fighting through the hedges at Normandy. And they'll have no shot against Florida.

*That the Saturday night loss at home to Kentucky has to be a bitter one for AU. The Tigers ran the ball decently, but couldn't stop the run. And Chris Todd consistently didn't show enough arm to get the ball downfield to open receivers. Patience, Plains people, your team continues to play awfully hard, and Colonial Bank was not destroyed in a day.
Michael Gordon


Anonymous said...

The 2008 Auburn Tigers are back! It's amazing how quickly things change. Two weeks ago, we're 5-0, ranked 17th and thinking about which 1/1 bowl we'll be in. Now, all of a sudden, no remaining game other than Furman looks certainly winnable, and we might be fighting the Fightin' Chickens for a trip to Shreveport. But, if you had told us the day Chizik was hired taht we would go 7-5 and to the Independence Bowl, we'd have taken it quickly after last year.

But still - Randall Cobb is the only Kentucky player that deserves to be playing Division 1-A ball, and yet we couldn't figure out how to beat them? Very embarassing. Next week might be very ugly.