Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Run, Lindsay, run

It's Georgia-Florida week. I'll have more to say later -- I'm thinking about just posting a list of things I have done at the Georgia-Florida game, but I need to check various statutes of limitations first.

For now, I'll just put up the Lindsay Scott video with the Larry Munson call. If you're reading a blog called SEC Expats I assume you've already seen and heard this. But for Georgia fans, this is "It's a Wonderful Life" -- you pull it out every season and enjoy it all over again.

I think this is the greatest play in the history of college football -- I admit to being unbelievably biased. But think of the stakes and the odds: losing to your hated rival, 90 seconds left, a #1 ranking on the line... and you throw a 92-yard touchdown pass to win the game.

And while I'll accept other arguments about the greatest PLAY, when it comes to the greatest CALL, nominations are closed. This is it.

-- Tommy Tomlinson


Bonnie Kunkel said...

There aren't many things I'll agree on with you this week but I'll give you this: that's a great call!

Michael said...

And the best part of the call is Larry's ramblings . . . after the play is over, leading up to the perfect ending. Do you know how much property will be destroyed tonight?

I heard that call while crossing the Alabama/Ga. line, headed east on I-20. All weekend, Georgia people just had smiles on their faces.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tommy,

When Tim breaks Walker's record this weekend are you going to put up a clip of Mic Hubert making that call. "Oh My"!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, y'all, Tomlinson's alive! Turns out he DIDN'T commit suicide after the Tennessee game!

Yes, that was a great call. I hadn't heard it in a long time. LOVED the way he said the whole stadium fell down.