Thursday, October 15, 2009

Spurrier, relevance and my bud Tom

In his first college football column since the last time he wrote about Steve Spurrier, Tom Sorensen says TOBC will return triumphantly to his foreclosed-upon address among the coaching elite with a win Saturday night against Alabama.

Gutsy call there, Tom.

His reasoning: Spurrier once was great. Spurrier once talked to him. Spurrier gives Tom the chance to write about a former quarterback other than Jake (on that final note we can all be thankful).

He says the Gamecocks are young and frisky and should have no chance on the road against No. 2-ranked Alabama, whom he says are as grizzled as the '66 Green Bay Packers. Somehow, Tom divines, Spurrier will outcoach Nick Saban and Carolina will shock the world.

Note to the Man in Black II: The Man in Black I (that would be Johnny Cash) generally had significantly more facts in his lyrics than you have in this column.

1. On the so-called age disparity, Alabama played more true freshmen than almost any team in the country last year. In an amazing development that no one saw coming, Tom, those kids have became SOPHOMORES.

2. True, the Gamecocks rely on true freshmen in key spots. But the team's two best players, Stephen Garcia and Eric Norwood, pulled into Columbia just after the Union Army pulled out. There are pictures of them on the Web helping put out the fires. Honest.

3. How can The Visor remain among the country's coaching dieties, much less be relevant, when he's 1-3 against Clemson? Oh, I get it. His evil-genius plan was to perch Tommy Bowden up for as long as possible. Then, with Bowden doomed, Spurrier masterminds a plot for his team to take a dive against the Tigers last year to install Dabo Swinney. Gee, Tiger Nation, no wonder you hate the SOB.

4. Garcia is fun. Norwood is great. The young chicken team will fly all over the field. But in the end, Spurrier will find someone else to blame, and Tom Sorensen should stick to Jake.

Alabama 31, South Carolina 14.

-- Michael Gordon

P.S. Didn't take Bama fans long to pick up the scent.


Anonymous said...

Michael Gordon... wow you must be a TarHole fan! How about support a good football team in the Carolinas and leave your negative comments out.

Observer Sports said...

Naw, Anon,

I'm an Alabama fan. This is an SEC blog. Tar Heel fans have limited privileges here, which works out fine. Given the season they and their conference are having, they don't have much to say.

Appreciate you stopping by,


J said...

MG, you forgot one very important factor in Sorenson's reasoning - and once you include this fact, you will reverse your field and go with Sorenson's upset prediction:


Of course, then you will remember that Spurrier won at Duke for one year, and you will also remember that Fred Goldsmith did the same thing.

You will also remember some other Spurrier faults, like him pretty much telling Emmitt Smith he had no use for him, and Smith should just get the hell out of Gainsville (which he did, and now will soon be in Canton). Then there was that whole Redskins experiment.

Then you will say, "Never mind, I'll stick with my 'Bama prediction."

J said...

Anon 9:34:

Q: What would happen if an elite ACC team were to move to the SEC?

A: It's already happened - South Carolina.

And middle-of-the-pack is the best they've been able to do. This year's team is no different. Very good defense, very inconsistent offense, erratic QB play. Seven or eight wins, and an appearance in some minor bowl will be their fate. But they should be used to that. Go 'Cocks! Shreveport or BUST!!!!

Bonnie Kunkel said...

Hey, J...
I was at Florida when Emmit Smith chose to leave after his junior year for the NFL. There was no reason for him to stay. Florida was on probation and he was more than ready to play at the next level.
Bonnie Kunkel

MG said...


You can do my analyzing anytime. Our line of reasoning was brilliant.


Anonymous said...

This is an SEC Blog... not an SEC WEST Blog... you all consistently preach about the Western Division teams, which is fine, just don't call it an SEC Blog- call it the SEC WEST Blog.... i agree with all of your remarks, just don't think you should be bashing an SEC coach in an SEC Blog...

J said...

Anon 12:55:

This being an SEC blog does not mean SEC players and coaches are exempt from trash talking. I've hated Spurrier since his Duke days and love to see him struggling like he is. And being an Auburn fan, do you really expect me to not bash Nick Saban? I'm just saving it for Thanksgiving week, or whenever he does something stupid, whichever comes first. And if Houston Nutt doesn't get Misipi going soon, he's going to start catching some heat here too.

And it's not that this is an SEC West blog, it's just that, aside from Florida alum Bonnie Kunkel, no one from the East schools are talking much (there is one UGA commenter who chimes in now & then).

Bottom line, even one of our own will get it if he deserves it.

Observer Sports said...


This is an SEC blog that speaks to the supremacy of the conference. But SEC schools play each other from time to time.

What makes the conference great is the passion we feel for our teams. We express that passion here, even if its evil twin, derision, sometimes slips into the discussion about other SEC teams.

To pay you the courtesy of being totally blunt, I live in South Carolina, but I hope Alabama wins by 30. It's the best I can do.

If we happen to win big, I'll say something nice about South Carolina afterward, I swear.
If we lose . . . well, since I've just had lunch, we'll not dwell on that possibility just now.

Thanks for checking in . . .