Friday, October 30, 2009

Who Ya Got? (Week 9)

Tommy Tomlinson

Georgia v. Florida (Jacksonville) -- We beat Florida two years ago with Knowshon Moreno, a pass rush that pounded Tebow, and the infamous celebration penalty. All three of those things are gone now -- you can do that celebration thing only once for the full effect -- and Florida has won 16 out of the last 19. (Just for the record, before that, Georgia won 13 out of 16.)

Florida has sleepwalked through the middle part of its schedule. As Arkansas showed, a sleepwalking Florida team is beatable, and Georgia has the offense to steal one if that happens. But I can't imagine they'll sleepwalk against us, not after the last couple of years. Unless the Ambien kicks in... Gators 38, Dawgs 14.

South Carolina at Tennessee -- Too bad Tennessee is showing some muscle just in time for South Carolina's annual November swoon. Vols 28, Gamecocks 13.

Ole Miss at Auburn -- Underachiever vs. overachiever. So forget about being an NFL first-round pick -- if you were picking QBs just from the SEC, would Jevan Snead make the top three rounds? War Damn Eagles 30, Rebels 17.

Mississippi State at Kentucky -- Two feisty second-tier teams. My pick for fun game of the week. Wildcats 33, Bulldogs 28.

Georgia Tech at Vandy -- This would have been a game three or four years ago. Jackets 48, Commodores 14.

Arkansas 51, Eastern Michigan 21

LSU 44, Tulane 6


Peter St. Onge

Ole Miss 24, Auburn 14: Another speedy, shifty RB to exploit Auburn's weak linebackers.
Florida 24, Georgia 14: Is Mark Richt in trouble yet?
USC 17, Tennessee 14: Not buying the new and improved Crompton.
Georgia Tech 24, Vanderbilt 10: Wish these two would swap conferences.
Miss State 27, Kentucky 24: Still trying to figure out how Auburn killed those Bulldogs.
Arkansas 41, Eastern Michigan 10
LSU 38, Tulane 3

Michael Gordon

Lounging on the down-filled couch of the bye week . . .
Florida 31, Georgia 14: This Tebow post-concussion business bears watching, but can anyone explain why Georgia is again this bad on both lines and in their defensive backfield?
South Carolina 21, Tennessee 18: The QBs cancel each other out. South Carolina gets the edge because Kiffin's "we wuz robbed" spiel doesn't have the Vols ready.
Ole Miss 35, Auburn 20: Get in Snead's head and the entire Rebel team takes two steps back. War Eagle defense, though, is getting plucked weekly.
Miss. State 24, Kentucky 21: A key turnover settles this one.
Ga. Tech 24, Vandy 14: When Tech starts playing upper tier SEC teams, then we'll talk. Hint: This year, Georgia doesn't qualify.
Arkansas 55, Eastern Michigan 20: These late out-of-conference annihilations have become truly annoying.
LSU 45, Tulane 6: See above. The folks in Louisiana will swallow anything, including the notion that this game still matters.


Anonymous said...

Georgia at Florida – Just like in 1980, prediction comes on Dawgs radio that property is going to be destroyed. But for far different reasons. The Team We Know SEC Execs Want In The Title Game Cuz Lane Says So 34, Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 21

Misipi St at Kentucky – Can’t wait to hear how Dan Mullen blames the ‘Bama-UF bias for this one. UK 28, Misipi St 17

S. Carolina at Tennessee – Can’t wait to hear how Lane Kiffin blames the ‘Bama-UF bias for this one. Fightin’ Chickens 17, Lane & Monty 14

Eastern Michigan at Ar-Kansas – Schizophrenic Ar-Kansas plays down to the competition in the first half, then acts like they’re playing Florida the second half. Ar-Kansas 42, EMU 21

Georgia Tech at Vanderbilt – After beating up the second-worst team in the SEC earlier this year, GT now takes on the worst. Afterwards, some clueless, idiotic UNC fan by the name of Anonymous will visit the SEC Expats blog to declare that the GT-Vandy result proves the Tar Heels are better than every SEC team. Ga. Tech 42, Vandy 7

Tulane at LSU – Best I can figure, this game is held just so citizens of each city can exchange best practices on party locations and ways to house goats. LSU 31, TWO-lane 7

Misipi at Auburn – Yes, Tomlinson, Snead would be in top 3 of SEC quarterbacks – at #3, behind Teebow and The Mullet. Why couldn’t Snead wait until NEXT week to remember how to play quarterback? Misipi 31, War Tweety Bird 7

Bigdawg said...

The Invincible Numero Uno Florida Gators versus the lowly worms from Georgia who haven't gotten a single vote in the AP poll since the massacre in Knoxville on Oct 3. I had hoped the Dawgs would be able to fly under the radar this year, but this is ridiculous. Be careful what you wish for. I do think the Gators are having trouble fitting into their helmets with all those big heads. Tebow is good. But Tebow is not nearly as good as he and his coach and their fans think he is. Florida's winning streak will end (now 17 in a row I believe), it's just a matter of when. Well no better time better than this Halloween. It really is the moment of truth for this year’s GA team. If we can pull off the upset it will salvage the season. If we lose, this team will be 3-3 in the SEC and 4-4 overall and well on the road to infamy. To be honest neither of those possibilities sounds believable, and yet ..... I wouldn't say I'm optimistic about our game tomorrow, but I am optimistic we can beat the 16 point spread. But can we WIN THE GAME ????? YOU DAMN RIGHT WE CAN !!! GO DAWGS !!!

Anonymous said...

Bigdawg must be whin'n in the Doghouse today. None of his predications came true other than Georgia will now be on the road to infamy! Sorry bout that...and just for the record..NO you did not cover the LINE!