Friday, August 12, 2011

Calling out the Hogs

Skilled players galore and an improving defense make Arkansas my dark horse for SEC and National mischief this year.

Every team has questions to answer, but in Fayetteville they boil down to a very few: Is there life after Ryan Mallett? How long will it take Knile Davis to mend? Can the Arkansas defense take another step toward the SEC's elite?

Here's one assessment. What's yours?

Next up: Auburn.


EatEmAndSmile said...

Thanks for giving us some love. There are a lot of Hawg fans now living in Charlotte.

The road game against Bama will tell the tale. I would not be surprised if the last game of the year against LSU doesn't determine which one of the three studs (Bama, Arkie, LSU) represent the West in the SEC Championship game.

My sources back home say that Knile Davis is out for the year. This is a major development. The Hawgs have two other running backs with equal potential who are going to have to step up if Arkansas is going to contend.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with ol' Jess on one point - he says, "Petrino hasn't been the best recruiter, but if he keeps coaching 'em up like this..."


Petrino has never won anything of significance anywhere he's been. And no, a Pizza Bowl victory coaching Louisville doesn't count. If anything, it's the coaching that is the biggest deterrent to a possible national title run. And it's true he's lacking as a recruiter - the best HS player in Ar-kansas for each of the last 2 years are playing for Auburn. War Pig!

EatEmAndSmile said...

The football season cannot get here soon enough.

Ok J, a few facts for you.
1) Petrino is one of only a small number of coaches to take two different teams to a BCS bowl

2) He did win an Orange bowl game

3) The reason kids from Arkansas leave for Auburn is because Aubie is apparently out bidding us. I need to give my Wal-Mart friends a call on this one.

4) Despite the low overall recruiting rankings (in comparison to LSU, Aubie, Bama), Arkansas is still competing very well under Petrino in the SEC. Superior coaching or are the recruiting sites perhaps off a bit?

I look forward to your beat down in Fayetteville this year.