Monday, August 1, 2011

An early SEC preview

You know it's getting close when Jess Nicholas of starts his SEC previews.
We'll run some of his team-by-team analyses as they appear, but first his predictions
(A note: despite his affiliation, Nicholas is one of the most objective SEC analysts on the web. Just ask St. Onge)

Some of his crystal ball stuff:

Alabama's Trent Richardson is really good.

LSU, Arkansas and Alabama could settle half the BSC championship game match-up.

Auburn, Georgia and Mississippi State will not meet expectations.

Mark Richt and Houston Nutt are sitting on side-by-side cushions on the hottest coaching lounger in the conference.


Since the congregation said, ahh-ooooo about the first Jess post, here's a second -- SEC and national predictions. Headline: three SEC teams in the Top 4. The round robin in the SEC West could be that good.


Brandon said...

Wow, what a useless column. And CO actually spends money on this crap.

SECfan said...

A link to a bamma forum, really? Thats the effort you are going to put into this......You should get your receptionist "J" to type you something up.

Anonymous said...

Considering that ol' Jess took time to trash Michael Dyer and give's 'Bama every conceivable "best of the SEC" nods, I'm not sure I share MG's assessment of him being objective.

Has this guy ever ventured outside the Tuscaloosa/Birmingham area? I suspect not, given his trashing of Christian LeMay. Those of us who have seen him know that him being thrust into the starting job between the hedges would not mean the end of the Bulldog program as we know it, as this cat does.

As for SECFan, when your school gets a head coach and/or d-coordinator that knows that only 11 players can be on the field at one time, get back to me.

SECfan said...

J what a witty reply, Don't worry Chizik will continue to make you proud, I am sure.....