Thursday, August 25, 2011

Janzen Jackson gone from Tennessee

What a week in UT-land ... Summit, Pearl, Kiffin and now junior safety Janzen Jackson gets the boot (go here for that story).

Here's hoping this Tennessee-centric post finds its way to (and momentarily appeases) SECfan. Because I think we can all agree that a boiling bunny is not in anyone's best interest.


J said...

I have a better Michael Douglas movie clip for SECFan - the clip from "War of the Roses" where Douglas has just heard the lawyer for Kathleen Turner read a love letter he had written years earlier:

"If this is a 'who can sink lowest, fastest contest' you win. By showing him that letter, you have sunk below the deepest layer of pre-historic frog s^^t at the bottom of a New Jersey scum swamp."