Wednesday, August 24, 2011

NCAA and Sheridan to discuss alleged AU/Cam Newton "bag man"

USA Today's Danny Sheridan will finally tell what he purports to know -- but to the NCAA not a general audience.

After saying he could identify the so-called "bag man" who Sheridan claims delivered the money to get Cam Newton to Auburn, Sheridan went on a syndicated radio show and clammed up like a box turtle. His defense: His attorney didn't want him to be sued.

Now that same attorney says t the NCAA allegedly wants to hear what Sheridan has to say, whatever that might be.

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J said...

"I don't want to see either Auburn or Alabama on probation," Sheridan said.

If he were honest, he would have added, "Unless one of them going on probation puts me in the spotlight, which I cannot live without and I think is my birthright to have. In that case, anyone going on probation is fine."

Color me skeptical.