Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Georgia: WOOF or woof?

You know what they always say: The early games define the Dawgs.

As always, there's more than enough talent at Georgia to reverse the downward glide of Mark Richt's program. But no team in the SEC has more riding on its early games. Beat Boise State and South Carolina, the Dawgs could find a higher gear that leads them all the way to the SEC Championship Game. Lose one of first two and, given how UGA's remaining schedule sets up, a good year is still in reach.

Lose both, the baying of one of the country's most passionate fan bases will ring out from Valdosta to Vinings, and the long, slow close on the Richt Era will begin.

Georgia has excellent talent at quarterback, tight end, defensive line, linebacker and special teams. But they have very little proven experience at receivers, none at running back, and, up to now, their offensive line, long touted but injury bugged, has gotten older as a group but not better. Defensively, expect Georgia to be tougher against the run but vulnerable to the pass.

Richt's recruiting class, the so-called Dream Team, was excellent, though generally ranked behind the groups from Alabama, Auburn and LSU. We won't have to wait long to see if the kids can play. Isaiah Crowell is the likely first-game starter at running back, and remember the name of Malcolm Mitchell, who may already be the best receiver on campus.

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J said...

Ol' Jess has contradicted himself yet again. Auburn is running out a whole bunch of unproven players, and that means they will have a rotten record. UGA is running out a bunch of unproven players, but he predicts a 10-win season. And, as MG points out, this "dream team" of recruits is the 4th-best in the conference. Alabama and LSU also boast great recruiting classes, and that makes them world-beaters, but Auburn has a great recruiting class and that makes them too young to get to a bowl. Makes me sick.

Oh, yeah, UGA - Murray is good but not as good as this review indicates. He's the main reason UGA is overrated. I think they go 8-4, 5-3 in conference and make a decent bowl.

Anonymous said...

My main concern is the O line. If our line can protect Murray, we should ok. Hopefully, Crowell doesnt need a parting of the sea to be able to pick up yards, too. If those work to the Dawgs favor, WOOF!

Michael said...

J: The difference, I believe, is in the schedules. Georgia doesn't play a single heavyweight after Carolina. Auburn plays most of them.

Alabama and LSU did have great recruiting classes -- and tons of folks coming back. Auburn lost 30 seniors.

I think he's overrating Georgia -- and you may be right about Murray. Let's see what he can do without Green, with unproven backs and saddled with that line.