Monday, August 1, 2011

Herbie on the SEC ...

Attention must be paid to Kirk Herbstreit.

No one outside of Lee County predicted Auburn would win the SEC last year. Herbstreit, the ESPN college football analyst did.
Besides, the guy agrees with me that Arkansas could be the surprise team in the conference and country this year. Like I said, pure genius.

For the record, he thinks South Carolina will win the East, Alabama the West and that the defending champs will have trouble making a decent bowl game.

Check out his reasoning here.



J said...

Kirk isn't the only one. Pretty much every human being that appears on ESPNU is convinced Auburn will only win 5 or 6 games.


Fresh, hot garbage.

The only non-conference game we have any shot at losing is at Clempson, and I maintain that we will win that game because, while Dabo is a terrific recruiter, he has all the game-day coaching ability of that pair of humping Alaskan bears I saw on NatGeo Wild the other day.

In conference, is is a physical impossibility for any program to be more overrated than Georgia and Florida. This year's cocktail party game will be the lowest-quality game in decades. If you're going, drink heavily before kickoff. We win both those games. Misipi is Georgia and Florida without the hype. We have the advantage of playing 'Bama and Misipi St at home (if we get it, this wouldn't be the first time Auburn won the Iron Bowl with less talent on the field).

I'm with Danny Sheridan - 9 wins and a 1/1 bowl is a good goal. If we win 7 or 8 and win a minor bowl, the season wouldn't be an abject failure, but it would be a slight disappointment.