Monday, August 22, 2011

Why we should sorta feel bad for Les Miles

Let this be a lesson for all you SEC coaches out there who might think about scheduling someone other than patsies for your season opener.

LSU coach Les Miles is facing the prospect of losing starting QB Jordan Jefferson, along with three others, for the Tigers' opener against defending national runner-up Oregon. Jefferson and others are postponing interviews today with Baton Rouge police, who wanted to chat about a weekend incident outside a local bar. Witnesses say the football players sent four people to the hospital after one of the victims honked his horn at a crowd while trying to back out of a parking spot. (Some witnesses say Jefferson was not a part of the violence.)

Had Les chosen the scheduling route favored by, say, Auburn (Utah State) or Alabama (Kent State), he could have expressed his disappointment with a firm one-game suspension of Jefferson and Co. Now we're likely to see some interesting contortions of rationalization as Les tries to make sure Jefferson is under center for that opening snap.

Next time, think North Texas.

Peter St. Onge


Anonymous said...

I don't really feel bad for Les Miles. You can't sit down and start schedule planning and use, "well, we might not want to start with that team, in case we lose any players to off-field stupidity." Les is to be commended for scheduling tough openers the last couple years (UNC-CH was going to be a tough opener if it weren't for a few agents/tutor gumming up the works).

As far as patsies go, I'm not sure what 'Bama's excuse is. For Auburn, this is the 7th consecutive year they are either breaking in a new QB (Cox, '05, Todd, '08, Newton, '10, Trotter in '11) or using a softie to boost the confidence of a rotten QB (Cox, '06-07, Todd, '09). Still holding out hope the Charlotte 49ers administration changes course and schedules a season-opener on the plains.