Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tigers, Tigers burning bright

LSU wears a big target on its back -- in the shape of a big, green O.

The O, of course, stands for Oregon, which will take on LSU to help open the college football season in Dallas early next month.
The big question marks for this supremely talented team are whether it has the quarterback it needs to get to the BCS championship game, and will Les Miles again chew every right blade of grass.

Miles had a hot year in 2010, and LSU also benefited from Tennessee's problems with cardinal numbers. But LSU blasted Alabama's defense apart in a pivotal late-season game.

The rematch in Tuscaloosa this year could not only settle the SEC West but also decide the conference's candidate for its sixth straight BCS title.

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Anonymous said...

Well, at least it isn't War Eagle hatred. This guy plants the "if you are new, by definition, you will fail" label to everybody.

I understand the logic that if your QB is inexperienced, this could be a problem, especially early in the season. But he is so cut-and-dried and absolute that being new results in an immediate downgrade for every position, and that is foolish. Unless I had one hell of a hallucination last year, Marcus Lattimore, Michael Dyer and Trent Richardson did just fine last year being new. Alshon Jeffrey and Julio Jones weren't exactly stiffs their first year either.

'Bama, Auburn and LSU have terrific recruiting classes this year. It's ridiculous to assume that they will all be abject liabilities just because they haven't played in the SEC before. If they weren't talented enough to play here, they wouldn't have been recruited here.

Michael said...

J, he picked LSU to go 11-1 and beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa. So I guess I'm missing your point.

As far as your Tigers go, lots of players with skills who must still show those abilities translate to game day.

Your schedule is murderous. But unless injuries hit hard, Auburn could be a scary team by November.