Monday, August 29, 2011

Tennessee: Not so fast on the big leap forward

Tennessee's football program slipped significant punishment in a recent NCAA ruling. Now the bad news: The Vols must still play the games.

This is a team that is not deep or particularly talented, despite showing quick glimpses of promise during Derek Dooley's first season. But the Vols, like all bad teams, kept finding creative ways to lose. They couldn't count against LSU. They couldn't count or behave against North Carolina.

Now, after a disastrous spring and the disciplinary loss of its best player, safety Janzen Jackson, Dooley's squad comes into 2011 with as much momentum as an arthritic coon hound.

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Anonymous said...

My favorite broadcasting moment of 2010 occurred during Gerogia's 900-0 beating of Tennesee. Andre Ware said, "I absolutely believe Derek Dooley will get it done at Tennessee." I laughed for hours. Tennessee is putrid.

My bold prediction for the Vols - their only conference win will be over Vanderbilt.