Monday, August 29, 2011

The roosters may have something to crow about

Experience, talent and coaching: The year is setting up nicely for Steve Spurriers's South Carolina Gamecocks.

The only issues: depth, which is improving quickly; and the performance of Stephen Garcia -- Spurriers's Jeckyl and Hyde starter at quarterback, who's been around Columbia as long as the bullet holes in the state capitol.

If the good Garcia shows up, South Carolina will be very hard to beat. But in South Carolina, history is everything, and history tells us that the bad Garcia will run onto the field about 40 percent of the time.

As alway, the Gamecock season will pivot early: The second game will on the road at Georgia, and the Dawgs and Mark Richt have more riding on the outcome than Spurrier's team.

Get through that game, and South Carolina will have another trip to Georgia, for the SEC Championship Game.

Here's the lowdown.


EatEmAndSmile said...

It's South Carolina. They have a good chance to win the East division again but they are still only the 5th best team in the SEC. They will end up with at least 3 losses in the conference (@ Arkansas, Miss State and either Georgia or Auburn).

The USC-e Gamehens do what they always do. Start strong then lay an egg down the stretch. Nothing changes in Columbia.

J said...

I pretty much agree with this assessment of the Fightin' Chickens. I don't see them losing to Georgia. I don't think they'll win the SEC title game though.