Saturday, August 6, 2011

Some more prognostications: Could the Sooners and Aggies be SEC Bound

More pre-season talking points, courtesy of Jess Nicholas of

Among the most interesting: That the fallout from Texas' holdup of the Big 12 conference and the Longhorn's own television network is simmering anew and fueling speculation about another round of conference realignment. In particular, Oklahoma and Texas A&M may be ready to bolt to the SEC, destroying the Big 12 and giving UT the chance to live out its ultimate fantasy of being a one planet universe.

Other topics: A relatively small number of title contenders gives Boise its best shot yet of crashing the Big Game.

That this will be the last year before some playoff system is put in place.

That the SEC Championship Game make walk out of the Georgia Dome.

All in all, not a bad Sunday morning checklist.