Thursday, August 4, 2011

Team by team -- another pre-season analysis

This is something has been doing for seven years -- a unit by unit analysis of the SEC Teams.

Arcane, sure, but it breaks down the teams in an interesting way, which leads us to this: Check out how high South Carolina and Arkansas score out.

Punch here.



J said...

From an Auburn shill's perspective, I have a hard time accepting the notion that Vanderbilt has better running backs and Kentucky has better quarterbacks. Coveniently forgotten are that AU's top RB and freshman QB were in the top 5 of the last 2 recruiting classes. The O-line is the one area that keeps me awake at night, losing all that all-conference experience from last year. But I simply can't accept the worldwide view that Auburn is all of a sudden going to go from national champs to the dregs of the NCAA.

Michael said...

Would you accept the dregs of the SEC?

pstonge said...

Interesting how the Auburn quarterback with no significant experience, other than a nice but irrelevant showing at the end of the SEC Championship, is at the bottom of the SEC West rankings - and near the bottom of the SEC. The Alabama quarterback whose significant experience involves not leading his team to an Iron Bowl comeback ranks substantially higher.

J said...

Peter - you are forgetting Trotter's stellar performance in the second half against Chattanooga. :-))