Monday, August 8, 2011

Team Previews: Alabama

We start our team-by-team breakdowns with Alabama (It's the alphabet, stupid).

Three big questions for The Tide to answer: Can the defensive line, minus first-round draft pick Marcel Dareus, crash the point of attack and pressure the quarterback? What to make of the passing game without Julio Jones? And does the team have its quarterback?

Otherwise, Nick Saban's team is loaded. First half of the season includes trips to Penn State and Florida, and then a heavyweight showdown with Arkansas in Tuscaloosa.

Early on, the defense and offensive lines better be as good as advertised. The Swamp feels more and more like THE trap game on the schedule, with its new coaching staff and a frenzied fanbase just dying to return to the national conversation.

Next up: Auburn.


EatEm&Smile said...

I thought you were going in alphabetical order? Auburn is next? Lets see, AR or AU comes first? You remember, Arkansas? The team your blog consistently ignores. The team that was one of only two teams from the SEC last year to go to a BCS bowl game.

Auburn is going to take a huge step backwards this year. Unless you are going to write about their upcoming probation then nobody cares.

J said...

Oh, yeah, Ar-kansas - the school with the sub-human scum-sucker for a coach. The guy who quit on his last team in season just because things weren't going his way. This is one Auburn fan that hates Petrino almost as much as he did Bear Bryant.

As for 'Bama, they shouldn't worry about Florida. Florida and Georgia are the most overrated teams not named Notre Dame in NCAA history.

Bud said...

Now boys, be nice. I'm sure Bama will be good again. What concerns me is I wound up with somebody's Alabama baseball cap I need to return to them before the season starts, and every time I walk into my bonus room and see it, it freaks me out.

Michael said...


Don't scorn the hat, Georgia Boy. It may be as close as you get this year to a winning team.