Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kentucky: Still jumping through hoops

Kentucky football is like an child learning to ride a bike -- on the railing of a staircase. Some forward progress, but far more crashes.

No longer is Kentucky a walkover game, especially at home. But the team still does not have enough quality players, meaning a key injury or graduation can often set the team back.

Case in point: This year's Wildcats' group will bruise some folks on defense. But most of the offense went out the door.

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Anonymous said...

This is the assessment I agree with most so far. I expect the same record for them. Joker doesn't seem to be a stellar recruiter, but if he can coach, Kentucky can be at least decent, particularly at wide receiver.

Anonymous said...

As a KY native I can say that the only sport we really care about is basketball. However, I am looking forward to another season of SEC football, best confference in the land.