Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tweet or twit?

Nick Saban has a rule against freshman interviews. Zeke Pike exhibits why.

Except Pike, a quarterback out of northern Kentucky, isn't in college yet. And he's committed to Saban's arch-rival, Auburn.

But the young man can't keep his mouth shut or his fingers off the keyboard.

Kevin Scarbinsky of the Birmingham News takes it from there.



J said...

Scarbinsky must be a scorned 'Bama grad. No tweets quoted in that article are of any real consequence. I've seen worse trash-talking between Carolina and Duke fans - and we all know the Carolina-Duke rivalry is little more than 2 schoolyard girls fighting over a purse compared to 'Bama-Auburn.

The idea of an anti-Twitter policy during the season makes sense, considering how ridiculous some people can get with it. But if what was quoted in this article is your Exhibit A on why Twitter should be banned in college athletic departments, your Exhibit B had better be a lot stronger.

EatEmAndSmile said...

Just more proof Auburn is running a football program with no class. They had to pay for their talent (Scam Newton) because nobody wants to live in that dump of a town. The NCAA will be repossessing Auburn's crystal ball in a year or two, plus Scam Newton will become the 2nd person in history to have to return his heisman.

After the NCAA is through with Auburn and Malzahn (the real brains on Auburn's coaching staff) moves on then Auburn goes back to competing with the Mississippi schools for SEC West cellar dweller.

J said...

EatEmAndSmile = yet another hater who, despite the President of the NCAA saying on 3 separate occasions that Auburn did nothing wrong with Newton, keeps holding on to the hope that if you repeat something often enough it will come true.

MichaelProcton said...

Not quite, J. He said they hadn't found any proof...YET. And the investigation is still ongoing.